• Polyurea Development Association

    The Polyurea Development Association is the trade association for the global polyurea industry. This association was formed in 2000 by leading companies involved in all aspects of polyurea. It is the mission of the Polyurea Development Association to promote market awareness, understanding and acceptance of polyurea technology through the development of education programs, product standards, safety and environmental and use recommendations.

  • The Society for Protective Coatings

    The Society for Protective Coatings is to advance the technology and promote the use of protective coatings to preserve industrial, marine and commercial structures, components and substrates.

  • NACE International

    The NACE International mission to protect people, assets, and the environment from the effect of corrosion is global. Our members work in corporations, educational institutions, research facilities, and the federal government. Whether you are a scientist, engineer, contractor, student or simply someone who possesses a real commitment to the advancement of corrosion control, you are invited to become part of this dynamic and influential organization.


    The online resource for polyurea information.


    Spray Foam Insulation and Foam Roofing Industry Website.